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Photo Gallery

Mega Orks! Mega Orks! Mega Armor Orks! I had the idea that the new Space Marine Centurian kits would look better as ork meganobs. 191233467 A generous offer My sales rep at GW agreed, and Brandon sent me a free kit to see what I could do with them. Now I actually had to follow through. 191233468 The search for bitz... I have a lot of ork bitz, after going through them all, i pulled out a lot of burna a looter guns, and some old trophy racks and a lascannon from a lemun russ. This model uses a head from a burner boy, and a lot of flamey bitz. 191233469 Nothing says "boss" like a lascannon The oversized gun is perfect for the ork that wants to make a fashion statement. 191233470 Plasma FTW This model was mostly done by Cooper Wallace, who also sculpted the bases. The weapon is based on a plasma cannon, but for some reason the grot is loading shells into it...thats orks. 191233471