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Photo Gallery

HeroScape HeroScape Pellucidar Map 119776347 Pellucidar Map 119776348 Pellucidar Map 119776349 Pellucidar Map 119776350 Pellucidar Map 119776351 Pellucidar Map 119776352 Pellucidar Map 119776353 HeroScape welcomes D&D to the neighborhood "Word is you kids are new around these parts.....let me school on how things are done around here....." 119776354 Heroscape Halloween Map So my son looks at his HeroClix Hellboy set and sez....."Dad. These would play better on a 'Scape map....." 119776355 HeroScape Armour Support Finally. I get some tanks to lay down some fire on those freaking Dragons. Thanks Dust Tactics! Great bits in that game, even if is...ahem....tepid play. 119776356