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Photo Gallery

Toad Dragon Toad Dragon Primed Assemble and primed with Army Painter Desert Yellow and Army Green. I'll glue his fragil tounge in later. 144308611 Washed-Back veiw A little bit of drybrushing, and a coat of GW washes, using Thraka Green and Ogryn Flesh. Started working of a coat of Calthan brown on the scales. 144500711 Washed- front veiw Adeptus Battlegrey used as a basecoat on the stones. 144500839 Second Layer A lot of drybrushing over the base coat and wash. I used an initial color of bleached bone, then catachan green to darken some of the brigher green areas. Finally, nearly all the areas were lightly brushed with snakebite leather. This brightened the ligher areas, and added a brown shade to some of the greens. 145281738 Close up of the front. Next up is work on this area, to add color to the mouth, and paint and glue in his tounge. 145281739 More Highlights..... 146120455 Loads of Drybrushing..... 146120456 Multiple highlights on scales.... 146120457