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Photo Gallery

Mike Clark's Ork Army Mike Clark's Ork Army Mega Dread! Big and Stompy. Such a great model. I love to use him in tourneys where I can use IA models, like the Friday Night Fight at Mechanicon. Other times he's just a Deff Dread and I replace his gun with a second Klaw and run him with two klaws and two big shooters. Is a bit hard to hide behind scenery.) 117655110 Spanners and TinBoyz I run two truck mobs of Spanner boyz, and use my old rogue trader era models, including the Tin Boy models. Basically orky robots that are cartoony versions of Eldar, Marines, and Squats. 117655112 Looted Vehicle and Buzzgob One of my favorite models. An older FW version of the Battlewagon. This one has a Superkannon that I use as a Boomgun in regular 40k Games. Buzzgob is the insanely detailed Mekboss from FW and featured in IA8. 117655114 Grot Tanks Two lucky to die. These guys were my favorite unit at Mechanicon last year, killing many times their points in every game. I through them at armies as a diversion, and both my opponent and myself were quite amazed as they wracked up a kill total that just shouldn't ever happen.) 117655116 Mega Dread Two 117655117 Mega Dread Two 117655118 Mad Dok Grotsnik! The Mad Dok model is a little small for my taste. This boy started life as an ogre butcher. An orky head, Ghazgulls powerklaw, and an ax from the nobz box fix him up quite well. He towers over smaller orks, as he should. Grotsnick is a monster with Warboss stats. 117655119 Buzzgob's Power Wagon Eat 'Lectrical Zappy Deff Humies! Following in the wake of the Great Gargant at Games Day, this vehicle was built from a baneblade chassis, many orky bitz, and FW defense system and generator bits. I now use it in Apoc games. 117655122 Power Wagon side veiw Lots of electrical gubbinz from various GW kits in place of the gun turrents. This vehicle powered up the Great Gargant for the Games Day display, so it didn't need the guns, and I wasnted to keep to the electrical theme. But had to have a grabby Klaw from the Battlewagon kit. 117655123 Forge World Bitz Generators and some cool electrical tower thingamabobs. I drilled out the towers, need to string rows of wire between them. 117655124 Shooty BItz Two Imperial AA lasers added on and used as super Zapp Gunz. Got to have a couple of things to shoot with, it is an ork vehicle after all. 117655125 Big Track with Super Kannon I use two big tracks for Kustom Trucks for regular 40k games. The super kannons lift out, and the boyz pile in. For apoc I run a unit of big tracks with the super kannons. 117655126